It sounds like we agree that the MSM is pro-establishment (and therefore pro-war). They favored Hillary over Bernie in 2016 and said their first kind words about Trump when he bombed Syria.

The left hasn’t been particularly antiwar since 1975. Bernie’s 2016 foreign policy platform was the usual lip service to “diplomacy first” but included no firm commitments to end a single war or close a single overseas base. Compare with Ron Paul, for example, whose #1 issue was (and is) ending America’s killing spree. That made him radioactive with the MSM, of course.

Hopefully the antiwar left is returning. It took Candidate Trump to break the taboo on opposing wars, though he hasn’t followed through. The media isn’t promoting Tulsi Gabbard much, but they’re at least not giving her the Ron Paul treatment.

Yes, you guys say you want power to be shared “democratically.” But power and responsibility are two words for the same thing. In practice progressives always favor shifting responsibilities to institutions — governmental, commercial, or whatever — which inevitably means shifting money, resources, and power to them.

Democracy is itself an institutional procedure in which the government forces the majority’s desires on the minority. To say you want some matter decided “democratically” is to say you want the government (or a comparable institution) in charge of it.

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