Do you seriously imagine Jews, watching the online fauxrage mob awarded another real-world scalp, now feel more welcome online?

Indulging a Twitter mob welcomes more Twitter mobs getting more hysterical about more preposterous slights. This is not a "reasonable response" to even real bigotry--much less the mob's fevered conjectures.

Where should we draw the lines? At sticks and stones, obviously. We figured that out centuries ago.

To see through MMT, follow the resources:

I want to drink beer. So I knit and sell socks for $99, which could buy me 99 bottles of beer and a comfortable weekend.

But instead I forego the weekend's consumption and buy a T-bill, because that promises 100 bottles of beer a year from now.

The Treasury doesn't produce beer or any other physical resources. I'm expecting it to get other people to forego their consumption to free up beer for my fridge. It could do that by taxing away someone else's paycheck before he can buy beer for himself, or…

This is why the Federal government is the only institution capable of increasing the net financial assets of the private sector.

A $1000 Treasury bill is the buyer’s asset and the taxpayer’s liability. How do you reckon that nets to a positive?

If your point is that the Social Security check increases the retiree’s spending capacity relative to the other bidder and thereby diverts the golf clubs to different hands, then I agree.

The concern is not just the hands are different, but that the winner was probably a good bit richer than the loser to begin with. …

“Thank goodness you’re out there saying these things. I wish I could speak up, but I can’t afford to be fired.”

Public speakers on the traditional center — the Douglas Murrays and the Dave Rubens — report hearing this over and over again from their listeners, just because they’re still saying things that everyone believed five minutes ago: We should evaluate each other based our accomplishments rather than our skin color. Women and men are different. Reason, evidence and debate are the best way to work through our disagreements.

Millions of people have stopped saying these things, even if they…

Photo: Lance Goyke

Back in March, Mayor London Breed ordered gyms closed for public health reasons. City Hall later published a timetable by which San Francisco could reopen, which put places like gyms last, maybe in August.

The gym has been my main source of exercise for 35 years. When COVID hit I was going to two different ones: Fitness SF, the largest chain in the city, as well as a small private gym for personal training. Although August seemed unimaginably distant at the time, it has now come and gone, and gyms remain shuttered.

Six Months Later…

My hopes of getting back to the iron…

Credit: the amazing DonkeyHotey

Are you about to get swindled on political reform again?

Barack Obama rode into the White House on the vague promise of “change.” Even deep red North Carolina voted for him. Eight years later, we didn’t get the change most of us hoped.

Trump made Wall Street great again, but other American institutions are crumbling even faster under his watch. Home ownership, stable white collar jobs, Medicare, and pension plans are proving to be Ponzi schemes that can’t meet their growth promises. …

Call it the Comcast Effect. Once one organization controls all internet connections, or all computer operating systems, or all America’s heating oil, market forces stop working. The monopolist need no longer fear the scythe of the creative destruction, of a competitor offering a product that’s ten times better.

Innovation is uncomfortable for an organization. It requires shaking up established processes, overruling cozy middle managers, threatening important sales channels, and disrupting internal fiefdoms. A monopoly that doesn’t face market pressure to do so generally won’t.

And not only does innovation peter out in a monopoly, even hygiene may erode. Hold times…

If you’re being solicited to help promote diversity at your workplace, are you clear on what that means?

We all understand that increasing diversity is not just a worthwhile goal but an urgent one. Don’t we? At least we understand everyone else believes that.

But is it really a desirable goal? No one recommends diversity in marriage, but just the opposite — picking a spouse with whom you share values and interests. Perhaps workplace relationships are completely different, but it’s not obvious that’s the case.

Is diversity even a goal at all?

Consider the word itself. Diversity comes from the…

Photo: Andrew Mager

After my critical reading of San Francisco’s homeless strategy, feedback included a repeated complaint: Kelly pulleth down, but he pileth not up. Where’s my better plan for fixing homelessness?

Right here.

Why are the homeless homeless?

Every homeless plan starts with a hypothesis about the root causes of homelessness — the missing ingredients that left people on the street, such as lack of affordable housing. The plan explains how it would supply those ingredients, and then (the theory goes) the homeless would be off the street.

But why is never a productive question to ask about human beings. There are a thousand reasons any of…

If you improve the service you provide, should you expect to get fewer customers?

That is the bet San Francisco, along with many other American cities, is making with its homeless budget.

It’s not working particularly well.

Most visibly, it’s a humanitarian disaster. Thousands live on the streets in squalor that the rest of us would find appalling if we didn’t step through it every day. Medieval diseases are on the rise. Used needles and feces line the streets. Muni buses have become de facto homeless shelters. Property crime tops the FBI’s charts.

It’s also a financial fiasco. The budget…

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